SMO Annual Meeting 2020 | September 12, 2020 | Boston, MA

 Join us for a free virtual meeting with programming and awards on September 18th, 2020 at 11:00 AM PST.  

This event is open to military and civilian attendees, including doctors, residents, nurses, audiologists, speech therapists, & technicians.  The AAO-HNS Trauma Committee and the Society of Military Otolaryngologists Trauma Symposium will present a dynamic program to include keynote speakers and research competition awards.


The Society of Military Otolaryngology (SMO), a non-profit organization, has a rich heritage serving the military otolaryngology community since 1952. Members have advocated for excellence in patient care for service members injured during multiple wars and conflicts as well as during peacetime. The AAO-HNS Trauma Committee mission is well aligned with SMO to educate and update the Otolaryngology community regarding the state-of-the-art evaluation, emergency management, and reconstruction of head and neck trauma. The annual event serves the otolaryngology community by educating guests on the latest wartime and peacetime advances in head and neck trauma management. It also spearheads research evaluating head and neck trauma management and mass casualty protocols.

Event Location: 

We are virtual this year.  Registration is FREE


E: T: 253-682-3833