Resident Education

Updated: Mar 26

There are a few educational classes taking place. Here are a few:

Walter Reed and BAMC combined academic

  • 3/24: 2pm EST Tolisano (Code 110-111-753)

  • 3/25: 9am EST Scalzitti (Code 808-782-829)

  • 3/26: 9 am EST Walter Reed M&M/QI/PI (Code 808-782-829)

  • 3/27: 9 am EST Chris Hartnick-MEEI Ped ENT

  • 3/30: 9am EST Diego Preciado- Children's National.

Zoom instructions for Walter Reed, Click on join a meeting, Code 808-782-829, You can share screen so all can see your PowerPoint (if using)

Collaborative Multi-Institutional Otolaryngology Residency Education Program

  • This program has a class schedule that will rotate through faculty from the various programs that wish to participate. All residents that are available can log in to listen to the lectures and participate in the discussions. The lectures will be recorded and stored in the cloud so that residents unable to participate in the live activity can watch it later. Faculty will present a 45 minute lecture with a 15 minute interactive discussion, Q&A, and/or oral board type case presentations. The sessions will be held from 4-6 PM Pacific Daylight Time on weekdays. Sessions will feature outstanding faculty from the community of otolaryngology departments. If you would like to give a presentation, please email Marlene Mendoza atmarlene.mendoza@med.usc.edu

Emory Sinus- Zoom Meeting

  • Tu 3/24, 10AM - Sublingual immunotherapy safety and efficacy (Wise)

  • Tu 3/24, 11AM - Sublingual immunotherapy dosing, escalation, tablets (Wise)

  • Tu 3/24, 1PM – Basic Principles of ESS (DelGaudio)

  • W 3/25, 10AM - Smell loss (Levy)

  • W 3/25, 11AM - Medical treatment of CRSsNP (Henriquez)

  • W 3/25, 1PM - Epistaxis (Wise)

  • F 3/27, 10AM – Surgical Treatment of the Turbinates (DelGaudio)

  • F 3/27, 11AM - Empty Nose Syndrome (Levy)

  • F 3/27, 1PM - Association of allergy and CRSwNP (Wise)

  • M 3/30, 10AM – CSF Leaks (DelGaudio)

  • M 3/30, 11AM - Emory research in AERD (Levy)

  • M 3/30, 1PM - Anaphylaxis in the allergy practice (Wise)

  • Tu 3/31, 10AM – Endoscopic TSA (Wise)

  • Tu 3/31, 11AM - FESS-step by step approach (Henriquez)

  • Tu 3/31, 1PM - Complications of ESS (DelGaudio)

  • W 4/1, 10AM – Endoscopic Treatment of Orbital Tumors (DelGaudio)

  • W 4/1, 11AM - Complications of Acute Rhinosinusitis (Wise)

  • W 4/1, 1PM - Biologics in rhinology/allergy (Wise)

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